Welcome to the factory tour. This section shows some of the internal workings of the Furnitureworks factory. From the design studio to the factory floor. From the pictures and the video you will see that we are genuine and actually do have our own factory. Well lets face it, the internet is full of phantom companies that make out they are something they are not! With us, what you see is what you get, we believe passionately about manufacturing in the UK and other than the odd imported component we will never opt for the imported option. The products we make for you will always be manufactured by us here in the UK. Meaning you can genuinely say you have a UK designed and manufactured product. We find that still means a lot in a world obsessed with cheap soulless furniture. If you would like a personal tour, please feel free to visit us here in Sunny Worthing at any time.

Design Studio

Our design Studio is fully kitted out with conventional full scale drawing and patterning facility's. Along with a large digital drawing board. We have cad and can handle most file formats, so please send us your designs by what ever means you have. If we cant open your files we will soon call you, there is always the post or fax if everything else fails!

Pattern Room

The Furnitureworks Pattern room holds thousands of full scale patterns. We have designs going back many years. Many are customers own which we only make for that specific customer. However many are our own or just straight forward generic designs. Some are tweaked versions of other models and many are taken from antiques.

Wood Stocks

Furnitureworks carries a good selection of timbers. The mainstay in all our chair frames is Beech. This is also used in sofa frames. We do now use CNC cut plywood's in some frames, mixed with beech this makes an incredibly strong frame with a lighter feel. We also carry a good stock of other timbers for use in the show wood areas of our frames. Timbers like Oak, Ash, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Tulip are stock lines. We only buy timber from approved mills.

Machine Shop

Our Machine shop is home to a fine collection of equipment. We have all the heavy saws and planers need to convert raw hardwood into smooth section material. We have band-saws, shapers and moulders for adding the curves and detail. We even have a massive CNC machining center which takes us to another level, this machine lets us create products that were impossible a few years ago.

Cabinet Shop

The cabinet shop not only house more of our fine equipment but its where you will find some of the most highly skilled cabinet makers in the country. Our cabinet shop crew can produce beautiful one off cabinets in traditional or modern styles. They also make batches for hotel projects and stunning hardwood tables.

Frame Shop

Furnitureworks frame shop is totally unique. A huge skill base is employed with time served staff, who have been making frames all their working lives. There in not much we don't know about frames, we make hundreds of them every month. Our build quality is the finest there is and we work on the basis that if a frame is made well it will last for years. Even in the difficult contract market where frames are often overlooked and therefore often fail, we choose to over build our products so we do not have any problems. We can produce any quantity, just one wing chair with hand carved legs or 100 sofas for a big hotel its up to you. As we also upholster a lot of the frames we make, we are very aware of all the little things that upholsterers often want in a frame but designers overlook. So talk to us if you want frames we can help.

Polishing Shop

The FURNITUREWORKS polishing shop is a purpose built room which filters input air as well as output air, making sure that any dust from the workshop is not allowed to contaminate the items being polished. Furnitureworks use a selection of stains, both water based and spirit based. PU and AC lacquers are used as top coats which give superb finishes and meet current regulations. There are many sheen levels available, as well as block colour. This method gives a superb durable finish and is tough enough to handle the rigors of hotel or domestic life.

Frame Store

Furnitureworks manufacture 100s of frames every month. Chairs and sofas of all shapes and sizes. Modern or classic the choice is massive. As we only make to order the frames you see piled up at the factory are all orders. So you can see our products are well in demand.

Upholstery Shop

The FURNITUREWORKS upholsterers are able to produce work to any quality required. While we love making the finest quality products to the highest standard, we understand the requirements of the modern hotel. In other words we can make a beautiful hand buttoned Chesterfield with coil springs and feather cushions or when required a run of cost sensitive tub chairs for a boutique hotel. Most of the work our upholsterers undertake is on a COM (customers own material) basis. However, we can supply leather and some contract fabrics if required.

Wood Burner

Furnitureworks believe in recycling and we have the ultimate solution to the many tons of wood waste we produce each year. We save it and burn it to heat our factory. We have 2 wood waste burners on site. One machine burns the shaving waste and the other machine burns the solid off cuts. Together they produce almost 2million BTU of heat. The equipment is designed to meet the clean air act and does wonders to reduce our carbon footprint.