Chairmaker tub chairs come in all shapes and sizes and they have many uses. Often found in hotels they are also ideal in the office or the home as accent chairs. The description 'Tub' means that the back of the chair is curved like a horseshoe. Some of these chairs also fit into other categorise and may be shown there as well. Fabric and hide quantities are an estimate only.

Carlton Tub
City Tub
Court Tub
Davenport Tub
Desk Tub High
Desk Tub Low
Dickens Tub
Dorset Tub
Eagle Tub
Gazelle tub
Hummer Tub
James Tub
Kosmo Tub
Mission tub
Montrose Tub
New Orleans Tub
Oxford Tub
Portsmouth Tub
Priory Cabriole Tub
Priory Tub
Ritz dining armchair
Rochester Tub
Rudge Tub
Stella Tub chair
Swoon tub
Tarquin tub chair
Tiffany Tub
Trafalgar dining armchair
Trafalgar dining chair
Victoria tub
Willow tub