Vintagebaker leather swivels are a collection of our favourite classic leather swivel chairs,that are uniquely English. They are not really Vintage as they are all new but they have the look and feel of the originals. Unfortunately there are loads of cheap copies of these classic styles being made all over the world, which has degraded the genre. We however make them the proper way with a solid hardwood frame. We style them on the originals and in most cases they have been taken from antiques. Sizes are approximate only and are based on the upholstered size. Hide quantities (or fabric) are an estimate only. When we provide the leather we only use full leather hide, no splits or imitation product used.

Admiral Swivel
Court Swivel
Desk Swivel
Director Swivel
Dorset Swivel
Gainsborough classic swivel
Gainsborough Swivel
Judge Swivel
Regent Swivel
Typist Swivel
William Swivel