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Tempie sofa

Tempie sofa..... Tempie is a compact fully upholstered sofa on legs. Its size and high seat make it perfect in tight locations. Looks great in pairs facing each other with a coffee table in between. Loads of style and no cushions to plump.
All Classicbaker models are built to a high standard. They feature a proper hardwood or hybrid frame. Internals will be to a high specification with coil springs used where possible in seats. All internals are built to crib5 fire regs as standard, so can be used in commercial applications (subject to the fabric) All fabrics supplied must meet fire regs for the intended use or interliner can be used at extra cost.

Application: Any
Code: FWCBTE01A2
Height: 81
Depth: 700
Width: 82-112-142-172-202-232
Available: Made to order 6-8 weeks