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Fulham Sofa

Fulham Sofa..... Fulham is a classic flare arm sofa. Modelled on a typical 70s sofa and given a new lease of life with a totally modern build. We would class this as a retro product as the design is years old! We have just tweaked it up to Classicbaker standards to make it compatible with life in the teenies!
All Classicbaker models are built to a high standard. They feature a proper hardwood or hybrid frame. Internals will be to a high specification with coil springs used where possible in seats. Back cushion interiors are feather and fibre blend while the seats are foam feather wrap. We do offer a fibre option if you have allergy issues. All internals are built to crib5 fire regs as standard, so can be used in commercial applications (subject to the fabric) All fabrics supplied must meet fire regs for the intended use or interliner can be used at extra cost.

Application: Any
Height: 70
Width: 94-124-154-184-214-244
Cover: 8-10-11-14-16-18
Available: Made to order 6-8 weeks
Depth: 87