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Boxsa sofa

Boxsa sofa..... Big and bold, this huge square sofa really stands out from the crowd. Giant proportions mean you can really get lost in this sofa. The frame in this sofa is what we call a Hybrid, all this means is that some of the panels are made from ply as they are to big to cut from hardwood's. The end result is very strong and a little lighter.
All Classicbaker models are built to a high standard. They feature a proper hardwood or hybrid frame. Internals will be to a high specification with coil springs used where possible in seats. When fitted, back cushion interiors are feather and fibre blend while the seats are foam feather wrap. We do offer a fibre option if you have allergy issues. All internals are built to crib5 fire regs as standard, so can be used in commercial applications (subject to the fabric) All fabrics supplied must meet fire regs for the intended use or interliner can be used at extra cost.

Application: Any
Code: FWCBBA01E2
Height: 79 body + cushion
Width: 107-137-167-197-227-257
Depth: 105 (Stool 60x45 + 2m)
Available: Made to order 6-8 weeks
Cover: 9-11-13-15-17-19 (mts)