Chairmaker accent chairs are all unique in there own way and can be positioned in that special place. Unlike armchairs they are generally only made as chairs and do not have sofa options as standard. Some are taken from original antiques, some are our own designs but many have just evolved from other models. Which ever chairs you choose, we can custom finish to make a totally individual chair. Sizes are approximate only and are based on the upholstered size. Fabric and hide quantities are an estimate only.

Abbey chair
Avenue chair
Bank chair
City Tub
Clarence chair
Councillor chair
Dickens Tub
Dozer chair
Eagle Tub
Edwardian chair
Gazelle tub
Humber chair
Jester chair
Moscow chair
Oxford Tub
Palmeira chair
Petworth chair
Rudge Tub
Study chair
Swoon tub
Tango chair
Tarquin tub chair
Victorian Fireside chair
Viscount chair