The FURNITUREWORKS factory is located on the beautiful Sussex coast, in the town of Worthing.

The factory is well set up with modern CNC and classic equipment. We employ the finest frame and furniture-makers, polishers and upholsterers, who work on many diverse projects. The Furnitureworks secret is its total one shop service. Simply, we do the lot. From design to prototyping and on to full production. Our factory is big enough to handle large chair runs for hotels yet small enough to make you a very special sofa just as your client has requested. Our in house design studio is well set up with full scale drawing as well as cad and digital patterning.

The factory set up is totally unique. Under one roof Furnitureworks has the following operations:

For a full run down on our factory and its facility's please go to the factory tour tab.

Environmental and quality issues

At FURNITUREWORKS we believe that the material we use is our life and we use it with respect. All timber used comes from managed forests with only reputable suppliers used. We try to minimize the use of old growth timber where possible. Our 15,000sqft of floor area is heated entirely from the waste shavings and off cuts that were once thrown away. This is achieved through state of the art equipment that meets the requirements of the clean air act. We use 95% water-based glues in the construction process. Our polishing shop uses mainly water-based stains and AC or PU high solid lacquers, minimizing solvent return to the atmosphere.

Chair and sofa design service

Furnitureworks are one of only a handful of companies in the UK that can take an idea for a sofa or chair and turn it simply and quickly into a working product. If you are a designer looking for a manufacturer we can help. We can guide you through the designing process so you can fully understand what is actually required to turn an idea or drawing into a product. One of the main problems we face is that designers very often do not design with any consideration to what can actually be manufactured within the price point required. So a quick chat before you start designing can save you a lot of money. Please feel free to call us at any time with your ideas and we will help you make sure your product is on target for price and therefore success.

Interior Designer service

Furnitureworks offer a truly unique service to Interior Designers and Decorators. In fact we believe that no other company in the UK can offer a service like ours. So if you are an Interior Designer or Decorator, working on a hotel, restaurant or apartment or anything in-between, read on.

Imagine you are working on a London apartment and the client not only wants a new kitchen and bathroom a custom paint scheme and curtains but furniture as well. Not only that but they require a solid Oak dining table to a special size, chairs in their own fabric and not to mention a massive bespoke corner sofa that is so big it will need to be assembled on site.

Furnitureworks can take on all of the furniture problems for you. We can visit site and meet with you and your builder or even your client if required. We can take on all of the furniture manufacture, standard models or totally bespoke. We can even deliver and install if required. We simply take all the hassle out of the furniture procurement side of your project. We even have a trades referral service that has come about through our years of experience in the Interior Design world. If you are looking for a plasterer, electrician, chippy or even a decorator let us know, we are sure to have the right person for the job on record. We would not recommend anyone who we have not used ourselves.


FURNITUREWORKS is famous for its frames. The factory has a fully operational frame shop within and some of the best frame makers in the country. There is not much that Furnitureworks do not know about frames. FURNITUREWORKS frame section can produce 1 classic wing chair or 300 tubs for a hotel, bespoke and versatile is the name of the game. Frame construction is usually Beech with screw and dowel joints. Some composite frames are also being produced from plywood and beech rails, very strong and light. We have superb facility's with both classic and the latest CNC equipment being used.

Cabinet and table Making

FURNITUREWORKS Cabinet makers are incredibly versatile and are capable of making a simple bed-side cabinet or a complicated reception desk for a hotel. They also make the finest solid hardwood tables from timbers like Oak or Black Walnut. If you have any bespoke cabinet requirements just email or fax us your drawings and we will see what we can do. As all FURNITUREWORKS Cabinet and table making is bespoke, the pictures shown on this site are for guidance only. Sizes styling and timbers are all entirely up to you. We also work with other materials like: Stainless Steel, Glass, Perspex, Slate and Marble.


The FURNITUREWORKS polishing shop is a purpose built room which filters input air as well as output air, making sure that any dust from the workshop is not allowed to contaminate the items being polished. Furnitureworks use a selection of stains, both water based and spirit based. PU and AC lacquers are used as top coats which give superb finishes and meet current regulations. There are many sheen levels available, as well as block colour. This method gives a superb durable finish and is tough enough to handle the rigors of hotel or domestic life.


The FURNITUREWORKS upholsterers are able to produce work to any quality required. While we love making the finest quality products to the highest standard, we understand the requirements of the modern hotel. In other words we can make a beautiful hand buttoned Chesterfield with coil springs and feather cushions or when required a run of cost sensitive tub chairs for a boutique hotel. Most of the work our upholsterers undertake is on a COM (customers own material) basis. However, we can supply leather and some contract fabrics if required.

Staff, training and jobs

At FURNITUREWORKS we employ the finest staff we can find. Typically our trained staff will have worked in the trade for many years and or had in house training. We also take on young staff fresh from school or college and train them in the FURNITUREWORKS way. We employ people from the following backgrounds: Wood machining, cabinet making, frame making, polishing and upholstery. We also work closely with PEVS (Pan European Vocational Skills Association) and we take students from France for 4 weeks at a time. They come to us after a couple of years of training and work in our factory learning developing there skills. To date all have enjoyed the experience. Its a shame this does not happen in the UK we would love to do something similar with UK colleges but it just never seems to get off the ground. We are always interested in hearing from anyone that would like to work with us. While there may not be any positions available when you read this please email us your details and we will be in touch.